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Sketch of maleInspired by the pixies of England the Nyx are house and nature spirits of Scandinavian and Germanic origin. A Nyx or three would make a surprising element in your cottage garden or yard. Think of them as garden gnomes with elan. They are equally at home indoors, warming a chilly corner or perched on a hearth or mantel. 
If the Nyx you want has already been sold, or if you don’t see one that quite fits your niche, provide me with an inspiration and I will craft a Nyx for you. The inspiration can be a sketch, photograph or simply a description of how you would want the figure posed. You can also identify one of my previous works for an inspiration. I would especially note that these are not portraits each Nyx will have some of its own look and personality.

As each sculpture is individual and created by hand delivery times vary based on the art fair seasons and how much time I can get in my studio. Once I receive your request I can give you an estimated cost and delivery time. This is a worry free process, if you decide not to purchase the finished sculpture, for whatever reason, there is no cost to you. Finished pieces can be picked up at my studio, art fair booth or shipped using Fedex. 

Technical Specifications 
Each figure is hand sculpted from a specialty stoneware clay containing some iron oxide which provides a warm tone to the clay body. Each sculpture is one of a kind. The stoneware is fired to cone 10, approximately 2,380 degrees Fahrenheit. At this temperature, the stoneware clay vitrifies and becomes very strong and durable. It has a low moisture absorption rate and will resist chipping and cracking.